Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Samsung R580 - Decent Battery

The Samsung R580 Laptop (£689) is the South Korean electronics giant’s entry-level multimedia machine. This newest version is the first to feature a processor from Intel’s Core i5 family, and
offers excellent power, performance and portability at a very reasonable price that won’t break your wallet. The first thing to notice about the laptop is its fashionable design. Instead of implementing a dull, matt-black look, Samsung R580 has opted for an interesting red and black patterned finish. Looking on both the lid and chassis itself, it will not be to everyone’s tastes, but surely Is not offensive and will stand out in the crowd.

The 15.6-inch screen panel may not boast the high resolution of the Packard Bell or Sony, yet it is just as vivid with excellent colour reproduction, while also being very bright.This makes it ideal for photographers or video makers looking for a colourful and accurate panel.
The keyboard boasts an isolated-key style, with plenty of space between the keys making it hard to miss-hit aletter. It’s also a very intuitive keyboard and we were typing at full speed very quickly.

The Samsung R580 Laptop is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, which works along side 4096 MB of DDR3 memory. Performance proved to be excellent, and the laptop is more powerful than all but the Sony here, which is especially impressive considering the low price point. You’ll have no problems running all manner of office applications, even concurrently, and the employment of a powerful nVidia graphics card means The Samsung R580 Laptop will run DVDs without issue, alongside more intensive 3D programs.

Usuallythe battery life would suffer with such powerful components onboard,but that’s not the case here and we managed to squeeze 221 minutes from the laptop. While this isn’t fantastic and certainly won’t last you all day, At 2.6kg, the laptop is light enough to carry on a-semi regular basis-when commuting, for example - with comfort. (what laptop magz)

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