Saturday, August 20, 2011

Apple provide the data location of the iPhone users ?

Abot  27,000  iPhone users in South Korea filed a lawsuit against Apple as the manufacturer of the iPhone by 15.8 million pounds. The lawsuit is related to violations of privacy was made by the iPhone, which is considered to provide the location of the users.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, attorney Kim Hyeong-seok said, every person who sued demanding conpensastion for 1 million won or 568 pounds. According to Kim, the lawsuit conducted to protect privacy rights.

As for the page of Yon Hap, this case was held by Miraelaw law firms, representing 26,691 iPhone users. Currently the file is still in the process of administration and ready to be submitted to the court, around the end of August.

However, as reported by the Daily Mail, Apple spokesman in Seoul declined to respond to the lawsuit. In South Korea, there are at least 3 million iPhone users.

Earlier, South Korea's Telecommunications Regulatory Agency fined  U.S. $ 2,855 to Apple, due to collect iPhone users data location without permission.

This sanction is given to Apple after the iPhone is known to hold iOS4 file on its operating system, which can record the location with the timestamp (digital trail markers) during one year. Trail marker is still functioning despite the iPhone is shut down or offline.
Responding to those sanctions, a spokesman for Apple in South Korea, Steve Park, has denied that Apple is tracking and collecting data  via the iPhone users. "We never, and will not do so in the future," said Steve Park, as quoted from page of Yon Hap.
In addition to Apple, the South Korea  Telecommunications Regulatory also warned Google, due to  there are still gaps in the protection of data users location . Google, Apple as well, then asked to encrypted data.

However, penalties are not applied to Google. As for Google itself insists that the sharing of location data through the Android is not a system that they plug

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