Friday, December 10, 2010

Apple MacBook Pro 15.4 Inch Screen : Excellent Battery

Apple’s MacBook Pro 15.4 inch range has long impressed us with its beautiful design and usability, offering arguably the most fashionable laptops you can buy. It has now been upgraded with Intel’scutting-edge Core i7 technology and marks possibly the best Apple laptop we’ve seen to date.

Although Apple has not used Intel’s top of the range quad-core chip, the dual-core Core i7 processor used is still implausibly powerful. Providing stunning levels of performance, this is by far the mostpowerful Apple laptop you can buy.

VGA have also seen an upgrade, with amid-range nVidia GPU offering powerful visuals. Whilst performance is significantly improved by many similarly priced Windows-based laptops, there is still ample power for frequent multimedia tasks and even regular gaming use.

All this power is perfectly showed by the stunning15.4-inch screen. Enclosed beneath a sheet of glass it is a very reflective panel, but vibrant colors and sharp contrast create a striking image. It’s just a shame it uses a16:10 aspect ratio, rather than a full widescreen 16:9 format.

The glossy aluminium chassis is as durable as ever. Despite such rugged build quality, it is also very thin and light with a depth of just 23mm, making it ideal for travel use. Usability is excellent.The wide,backlit keyboard is very comfortable to use and an ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness in response to your surroundings. The huge glass touchpad is fully gesture-compatible for scrolling pages and manipulating documents.

To hold the chassis’ smooth finish, the cooling fan is tucked away behind the screen hinge and the battery is fixed inside the machine. While this ensures a sleek look, it means you can't easily remove the battery and thus, can not carry a spare on your journeys.

Apple claims as much as 9 hours of battery power from a single charge, so in other word the fixed battery shouldn’t be a huge problem. In tests,we found we were able to work for 422-minutes – a greatresult for frequent mobile use.

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