Friday, December 10, 2010

The Sony S-Frame DPP-F700 : The Frame Printer

The Sony S-Frame DPP-F700 (£220) is something totally different in printing machine designs. Consisting of a7-inch digital photo frame with 1GB of internal memory, enough to store up to 2000 pics, it is backed by a 4x6-inch dye sublimation printing machine.The idea is that should person take afancy to one of the images you’re displaying, printing it out is as easy as adding the paper cartridge.

Although you are limited to 4x6-inch shots, the built-in software grants you to print ID-photo size, indexprintsand even add a calendar to your favourite shots. This possibly a Sony product, but there are a host of connections on the side, letting you to add everything from Sony Memory Stick cards through to standard SD and even xD-Picture cards.

The Sony S-Frame DPP-F700. In terms of design, you will find this is a small but rather boxy affair.The 7-inch photo frame has a resolution of 800 x480 pixels and images look sharp. To the right of the screen touch-sensitive control sarein place, which disappear when not being used.These are also reflected on asmall and neat remote control. Once you wish to use it in frame mode, you are able to add a small metal leg that raises the screen to a more up right angle.

Even so, you can not print with this leg attached, as you need to manually affix the printer tray. Thankfully, the dye sublimation print cartridgestays inside once you’ve fitted it. A single cartridge with 40 sheets of paper prices around £15, which works out at a little less than 38 paper photo,which is safe value for money.

Image quality can not compare with the full-blown photo printers here, but the 800 x 480dpi (dots per inch) print outs are surely on par with images from a shop. The Sony S-Frame DPP-F700 can’t really compete with full-sized photo printers,but it’s not intended to. Very much ahead of its time,it will appeal to those with limited memory storage space and who like the idea of printing out occasional images when it takes their fancy.
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