Saturday, April 9, 2011

Apple iPad 2's five biggest disillusionment - iPad 2 weakness

iPad 2 more lighter , thinner , and faster as it has been long expected , but Apple's latest tablet is not a revolution .Although the new iPad 2 good enough to beat its competitors , there are still many weakness which is felt by most users or fans .However, some parties felt iPad 2 is not a revolution because it does not have many features compared to the iPad , which release one year ago .
Here are 5 disillusionment (weakness) of  the iPad 2 that reported by PCWorld :

Still need to connect it to iTunes

Looks like Apple products can not be separated from the PC and iTunes, also the iPad 2. You can’t even turn your iPad 2on the first time without being tethered to iTunes. The first thing you should do when turn on iPad is to connect it  to a PC and have the iTunes software, even not synchronize the media file. In essence, this is a waste of time and complicated for many people.

Same software - No significant change

Although iPad 2 already use IOS 4.3 and has several features such as iTunes Share and restoration optional switch on orientation locker, fundamentally, this is still the same OS. iPad still looks like an enlarged of iPod Touch, it is radically different when compared with the tablet such as  Honeycomb, WebOS, or BlackBerry. Is Apple really keep the simplicity of one OS for all media products? 


With MobileMe deleted from the retail channel, a free version might have been expected at the event iPad 2. Many are predicting there will be a digital locker for multimedia or maybe wireless synchronization for  iTunes. It is still not presented.
Additional connectivity is expensive

It may sound funny, but this is typical Apple from the first. Want to connect the iPad to television via HDMI, you should buy Apple's Digital AV Adapter for $ 39. Want to transfer photos to IPAD without going through iTunes, you have to buy Camera Connection Kit for $ 29. The total amount is $ 68 for a pair of connectivity devices. hmm... i think it's not fair.

No retinal display

So many rumors about the ability of  iPad 2 screen  that was mentioned has a high resolution, or 4 times sharper than the previous-series. But it seems, it is only going to happen in the next generation of iPad, iPad 3.
Even so the price iPad 2 is no different from the price of  first series, but with features and better specifications. Although many Honeycomb Android tablets had already been announced, but the launching time and the price is still not clear as the iPad 2.

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