Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Dell XPS 17 specs and price : pros and cons

Media center laptops tend to leave others laptops in the dust in terms of performance, and the Dell XPS 17 did indeed top our benchmark test. Too bad it's Nvidia chip gives off an uncomfortably intense heat, and thre's no way to downgrade th chip whitout giving up th quad-core processor.

At 8.1 pounds, the Dell XPS 17 is about two ponds heavier than its predecessor , the Dell XPS 15 (6.3 pounds).  The Dell XPS 17 has 17.3 inch wide screen, it is one of the biggest on a laptop. Unfortunately, it offers only 1600 x 900 resolution, instead of 1920 x 1080.

The Dell XPS 17 runs on Intel Core i7-74QM, a quad core processor bred to pulverize the most complex and demanding software loads. And thanks to its Nvidia GeForce GTS 445M graphics, The Dell XPS 17 beat all its quad-core rivals in 3DMark 06 (11,345) test. But the heat from the graphics chip can reach up to 115 degrees if your hand happens to be next to the vent. I would recommend downgrading to a GeForce GT 435M, but then you'd lose the quad-core processor; Dell will not include it with anything less than GTS 445M.

The Dell XPS 17 could have easily dethroned its processor, the Dell XPS 15, with its bigger 17 inch screen and faster parts. But until Dell can find a better cooling solution, i would recomended either configuring this laptop with a Corte i5 processor and the Nvidia GeForce GT 435M chipset, or just going with the XPS 15. --Cisco Cheng PC Magz

The Dell XPS 17 Specs
1.773 GHz Intel Core i7-74QM processor; 6GB RAM; 1024GB Hard drive; Nvidia GeForce GTS 445M; 17,3 inch widescreen; 8.1 pounds; Blu-Ray Disc Player; 802.11n networking; Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

The Dell XPS 17 price is about $1379.99

The Dell XPS 17 pros and cons :

Pros: one of the fastest laptops available. Obscene graphics power, First HD webcam, Excellent keyboard. Backlit option. Softcmouse buttons. HDMI anad displayport. Long list of processor option

Cons: Heat is an unfortunate side effect of the graphics chip. No 1080p resolution

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